Partner schools have access to a wide range of tools intended to help them implement a sustainable physical activity offering for girls in school settings. The introduction tools allow a better understanding of FitSpirit. The promotion toolkit offers visuals to increase FitSpirit visibility in the school and supports promotion initiatives. Lastly, the implementation toolkit will help with launching the student leader program and the FitSpirit workouts! We also invite you to gain new knowledge by browsing through a variety of additional relevant resources on girls and physical activity. 

Partner schools also have access to FitSpirit coordinators that can provide further support and information. The FitSpirit coordinator is the school's and ambassador's key contact. 

FitSpirit Introduction Toolkit
FitSpirit Promotion Toolkit

*Visit our YouTube channel for more inspiring videos.

FitSpirit Logo/Branding

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FitSpirit Implementation Toolkit

Student Leader 

Training Program 

Enriching Knowledge 

*See the 2019-2020 FitSpirit training sessions program.

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