The Fitspirit approach

FitSpirit builds strong partnerships with schools and community organizations with a view to provide a sustainable physical activity offering for teenage girls. The organization’s tools and services are provided as part of a comprehensive approach that provides personalized, flexible support to institutions so that they can develop a stimulating, relevant physical activity offering for the population they serve.

FitSpirit works with participating institutions to:

1. Encourage teenage girls to make healthy lifestyle choices and have fun through regular exercise

2. Promote teamwork, inclusiveness, openness and mutual support in a non-competitive setting

3. Provide stimulating opportunities for girls to build self-esteem, receive validation, set goals and strive for excellence

FitSpirit participants:

  • Spend time with their friends
  • Receive encouragement
  • Look up to role models
  • Have fun

FitSpirit’s individualized approach helps tens of thousands of young Canadians learn the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle—a memorable experience that will continue guiding them toward making healthy choices.

Partnership in three steps

1. Groundwork

First, FitSpirit guides institutions as they identify factors preventing girls from staying active and build a personalized physical activity offering. With appropriate tools and guidance, FitSpirit helps participating institutions:

  • Plan, implement and promote a varied physical activity offering for girls
  • Enlist and support Student Leaders, who help their institutions implement the approach
  • Recruit activity participants
  • Rally participants around FitSpirit’s brand and events to foster a feeling of belonging
  • Build a robust community by facilitating networking among various stakeholders working to improve the well-being of teenage girls
  • Problem solve
2. Training

FitSpirit shares its knowledge and expertise by offering:

  • Hands-on training for program leaders and ambassadors to help them communicate the joy and benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Leadership and outreach training for Student Leaders
  • Continuing education courses and tools specially tailored to the priorities and challenges identified by FitSpirit
  • Spaces for the FitSpirit community to share knowledge and best practices
3. Activity selection and implementation

Institutions who implement the FitSpirit approach have access to a proven combination of tools and activities, including:

  • A motivational seminar
  • A varied offering of fitness activities led by FitSpirit ambassadors
  • An 8- to 10-week turnkey training program
  • An online training platform, promotional posters, nutritional advice, videos, contests, etc.
  • Social media campaigns to get girls involved and motivate them leading up to FitSpirit Celebrations
  • A FitSpirit Celebration where girls can have fun, strive toward excellence and continue discovering the joy of regular exercise

FitSpirit hopes to continue meeting the evolving needs of girls and institutions by actively working with participating schools and organizations to reach more girls and have a greater impact by expanding, extending and diversifying FitSpirit’s activity offering.