The FitSpirit approach

FitSpirit partners with schools and community organizations to provide activities that get young girls moving and keep them physically active over the long term. It offers tools and services within a holistic approach based on flexible, individualized support to help schools engage girls through activities tailored to their challenges and their lives.

The levers that ensure the success of the FitSpirit approach:

  • Spend time with friends;
  • Receive encouragement;
  • Look up to role models;
  • Have fun.

Since its inception in 2007, FitSpirit has helped educate tens of thousands of young Canadians about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle every year. Its humanistic, customized approach has brought positive change to their lives.

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Three-stage partnership 

1. Groundwork

First, FitSpirit guides schools and staff as they identify the barriers that keep young girls from staying active and set up activities tailored to their needs. With appropriate tools and guidance, FitSpirit works with schools to:

  • Plan, implement and promote a range of activities geared towards girls;
  • Enlist and support Student Leaders, who help their schools implement the approach;
  • Engage girls to take part in the activities;
  • Rally participants around FitSpirit’s brand and events to foster a feeling of belonging;
  • Build a vibrant and influential community by facilitating networking among various stakeholders working to improve the well-being of young girls;
  • Problem solving.
2. Training

FitSpirit shares its knowledge and expertise in engaging young girls in physical activity by providing:

  • Hands-on training for the FitSpirit community to help them communicate the joy and benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle;
  • Leadership and outreach training for Student Leaders;
  • Continuing education courses and tools specially tailored to the priorities and challenges identified by FitSpirit;
  • Spaces for the FitSpirit community to share knowledge and best practices.
3. Activity selection and implementation

FitSpirit provides a tried-and-tested combination of activities and tools for schools that adopt the FitSpirit approach:

  • Motivational seminar;
  • Diverse physical activities led by FitSpirit Ambassadors;
  • 8- to 10-week turnkey training program;
  • Diverse tools adapted for young girls: virtual training platform, promotional posters, nutrition tips, videos, contests, and more;
  • Active social media presence to get girls involved and motivate them leading up to the FitSpirit Celebration;
  • A FitSpirit Celebration where girls can have fun, strive toward excellence and continue discovering the joy of regular exercise.

FitSpirit wants to continue working with schools over time to develop its approach and keep it relevant to the needs of young girls and their schools. Our goal is to expand, extend and diversify the physical activities offered. As our approach evolves, we will potentially be able to reach more girls and help instill lasting lifestyle changes.