Become a FitSpirit volunteer!

Would you like to be active and have fun with inspiring people? FitSpirit invites you to become a volunteer by joining its community of dedicated people who, each in their own way, contribute to helping more and more teenage girls be active for life.

Why do it? Because physical activity is a powerful tool that helps teenage girls cope with challenges today and in the future through its positive effects on psychological well-being, mental health, social skills, cognitive skills and academic success. Through its activities, FitSpirit allows participants to benefit from all these things that make a real difference in their lives!

Our volunteer opportunities 

Whether indoor or outdoor events, our needs are varied and extend to many cities in Quebec and Ontario. Some opportunities allow volunteers to become directly involved with the activities targeted to our girls while others bring our volunteers into the philanthropic domain that supports the organization. There really is something for everyone!

A contribution and an experience that go far beyond the day itself!

By joining our team of volunteers, you contribute:

  • To reversing the trend that by the end of high school, 9 out of 10 girls do not meet Canadian standards for physical activity1;
  • To growing our community of inspiring and engaged people who support the girls;
  • To creating memorable moments for our girls and invited guests;
  • To creating social bonds built on the fun of being together;
  • To the success of FitSpirit events.

We hope you can join us at one of our events.

Feel free to email us at volunteers@fitspirit.ca for more information on our various volunteer opportunities.

1 Statistics Canada. Directly measured physical activity of children and youth, 2012 and 2013. Ottawa: Statistics Canada, 2015.