What is a FitSpirit Ambassador?

FitSpirit’s Ambassadors are dynamic, passionate women who inspire teenage girls and motivate them to be physically active on a daily basis.

They act as accessible and inspiring role models while representing the organization in diverse settings. Their message is conveyed through motivational conferences and promotional activities. They also lead various physical activity sessions as a way to introduce girls to different ways of moving that will inspire and encourage them to keep moving.

Every year, more than 150 women take on this role for FitSpirit.

3 ambassador profiles

1- The Speaker Ambassador

Through motivational conferences, the Speaker Ambassador encourages teenage girls to engage in regular physical activity by spreading the word about the benefits and the fun of being active.

The Speaker Ambassador launches this call to action inspired by FitSpirit's message, the benefits of physical activity on her own life, and the overcoming challenges that she faced throughout her journey to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

2- The Physical Activity Ambassador

The Physical Activity Ambassador's role is to help girls discover physical activities that will motivate them to get moving on a regular basis. To that end, the Physical Activity Ambassador leads activities in a motivating environment that bring out the fun of being active with friends. She assists the girls through her expertise and her passion for physical activity.

3- The Representative Ambassador

The Representative Ambassador’s role is to promote FitSpirit’s mission and activities to various audiences and markets. She is invited to participate in a number of promotional activities to spread the message about FitSpirit’s values, beliefs and mission while inspiring others and making the organization shine.

Why be a FitSpirit Ambassador?

  • To share your journey as a means of inspiring teenage girls to engage in regular physical activity;
  • To support teenage girls in their discovery of different physical activities so they have positive experiences; 
  • To present an inspiring, accessible and realistic female role model to show girls that they can inspire others;
  • To ignite the spark in teenage girls and guide them towards healthy and lasting changes in their lifestyle;
  • To sensitize the different audiences to FitSpirit's mission so that they become committed supporters.

FitSpirit’s Ambassadors have a common desire: helping teenage girls develop self-confidence so that they can be role models for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Do you want to inspire and motivate teenage girls to be active? Apply today!

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Already a FitSpirit Ambassador?

A portal access is given to all FitSpirit Ambassadors that allows them to take part in online training, access various reference documents, plan their visits to participant schools, etc.

They can log in at any time by using the username and password assigned during their registration process.