What is a FitSpirit ambassador?

FitSpirit’s active, approachable ambassadors act as spokespeople for our organization and mentors for the teenage girls we serve, who they inspire and motivate to get moving every day.

Our ambassadors help girls make healthy lifestyle choices and extend FitSpirit’s reach by delivering a compelling message promoting confidence, personal excellence and self-esteem through workshops, activities, seminars, events and a wide range of online platforms and communication channels.

Over 150 young women fulfill this role each year.

Why should I become an ambassador?

  • Have fun sharing your passion for physical activity with teenage girls;
  • Build meaningful connections with girls who attend your conferences;
  • Watch teenage girls smile and bond during a workout session (Zumba, CrossFit, Frisbee, dance, yoga, etc.);
  • See the girls you’ve worked with beam with pride before they run their 5- or 10-km challenge;
  • Meet exciting people at the events you attend on behalf our organization.

FitSpirit ambassadors have a real impact on the lives of tomorrow’s women through their involvement with the organization.

If you have the same dream, tell us about yourself and get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Apply today!

Jade Tremblay

“I’m thrilled to see FitSpirit proving that girls can take on a 5- or 10-km race. I’m especially touched by the sight of teenage girls bonding and supporting each other through the FitSpirit experience.” - Jade Tremblay, FitSpirit Ambassador