The new school year has barely begun but FitSpirit is already hard at work developing numerous projects. Want to GET INVOLVED? Become a FitSpirit Ambassador or volunteer!

FitSpirit Ambassadors
FitSpirit’s Ambassadors are dynamic, passionate women who inspire teenage girls and motivate them to be physically active on a daily basis. They act as accessible and inspiring role models while representing the organization in diverse settings. Their message is conveyed through motivational talks, events and promotional activities. They also lead various physical activities aimed at introducing girls to different ways of staying active while having fun.

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FitSpirit volunteers
Would you like to lend a hand to an organization that is committed to girls’ health and wellness? This is your chance! FitSpirit is always on the lookout for dedicated volunteers who can support its mission. Throughout the year, FitSpirit volunteers play a major role in our events and activities. 

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Here is Gabriela Estrada’s testimonial, a proud FitSpirit Ambassador:

Gabriela Estrada grew up playing sports in Scarborough, Ontario, without any female role models involved in physical activity. She found a role model in the fictional Sailor Jupiter, who she related to because she was strong and she thought she looked like her. Now, as an ambassador for FitSpirit in the GTA, Gabriela has a platform to change the types of role models that young girls look up to. Her vision for the ambassador role is to give girls concrete role models who are diverse in athleticism and in what they look like, and to encourage girls to feel confident and be athletic. Gabriela views FitSpirit ambassadors as a new type of role model, who demonstrate hard work and determination, resilience, teamwork, grit, and self-confidence.

Being a part of FitSpirit has helped Gabriela to realize what her story is - and she has grown to be comfortable sharing it with young girls who can learn from her experiences. She has been involved in sport throughout her whole life, but in high school, she encountered a number of barriers to her involvement. First, she was benched for being too young, then because she was too old. It wasn’t until playing recreational soccer during university that she became very involved with athletics. Yet, she was surrounded by students with access to incredible world class fitness facilities and programs included in their tuition, who didn’t take advantage of it because of preconceived barriers to their participation. These barriers - including attitudes and prejudices about sexuality, body image dissatisfaction, lack of self-confidence, and self-comparison - are perpetuated by the lack of female representation in sports media. This female-invisibility sustains an idea that women don’t belong in the world of sport, again, emphasizing the power FitSpirit ambassadors carry in breaking this notion through providing a new type of role model for young girls. She hopes that by sharing their experiences, FitSpirit ambassadors will help to break down these barriers early, so girls feel the freedom and confidence to seize the opportunities available to them.

In her four years with FitSpirit, Gabriela has spent time both as a speaker ambassador and as a physical activity ambassador. She gets involved as often as possible - she even donates most of her time, although there is no expectation for this. The ambassador experience is very flexible in terms of time commitment. It's also good to know that there is no expectation in terms of the fitness level that an ambassador should be at. Gabriela hopes to see more ambassadors joining in the GTA, because Toronto is incredibly diverse. Women who recognize their story and who are comfortable sharing it will make it possible to represent Toronto’s diversity for young girls in the region, enabling them to find a strong, relatable, role model. Her advice to any women who are interested in getting involved is to “take that opportunity.” You can make such a difference by getting up in front of a group of girls and talking to them for 45 minutes.” Gabriela feels motivated to keep returning to the schools as an ambassador because of the feeling in the room after she tells her story or runs a fitness class. She can feel an overwhelming sense of girl power as all the girls get together and take group photos and selfies with their medals. To see them wanting to showcase their hard work and accomplishments with one another is a central part of what FitSpirit means to Gabriela.




FitSpirit Ambassadors and volunteers