When choreographer and dance teacher Marie-Michelle Darveau discovered FitSpirit more than five years ago, she signed on right away to be an ambassador and inspire girls to be active every day.

Lighting a spark
In both elementary school and high school, Marie-Michelle’s experience with sports was scarred by feelings of failure. But then she met someone who turned her on to dance and the rewards of physical activity. A passion was born!

Today, Marie-Michèle shares her story with the girls she meets in order to light the same spark in them. “I felt I had the potential to do that: tell my story, talk about the path I’ve followed, and have an impact on girls. I wish I’d had something like FitSpirit in high school.”

Making exercise fun: the rewards of being a FitSpirit Ambassador
“At one motivational talk I gave, the students really seemed rapt. Their eyes were glued to me. The teachers were surprised how enthralled they were and asked me to do an activity with them on the spot. There were more than 200 girls in the auditorium. They put on some background techno music and I did a little choreographic sequence with arm movements. It was great fun! I felt the girls were really interested in entering my world after hearing my talk. I have very fond memories of that day.”

“After a dance class at a school for children with learning difficulties, a girl came up to me to thank me. She said I had totally changed her perception of physical activity. I was moved. It’s not just about dance or running: FitSpirit is about exposing girls to different ways of being active. I felt I had succeeded and that’s what motivates me to stay involved.”

Reaching high
Marie-Michelle leads dance workshops all the time in her work but when she does it for FitSpirit she takes a different tack: “My goal isn’t to make the girls into dancers but for them to have fun dancing and to feel that they’re good at it.”

Once upon a time, Marie-Michelle had stage fright and was afraid of public speaking. Over the years, that’s faded away. As a FitSpirit Ambassador, she has learned to trust herself. “Becoming an ambassador gave me a chance to rise to challenges and overcome my fears.”

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Marie-Michelle Darveau, FitSpirit ambassador