Having listened to and considered comments from people at a number of participating schools and organizations, FitSpirit decided to provide better support and a more flexible service offering starting this year.  
To do this, the organization will be building on developing agreements with school commissions and the various boards that support the schools. This new approach will create and develop a sustainable physical activity offering by and for the girls. It will also provide additional support for FitSpirit program leaders who are sometimes the sole person responsible for carrying out activities.
Also, rather than propose specific programs such as FunFit or FitClub, FitSpirit will present its tools and services through a comprehensive approach that will allow participating schools and organizations more flexibility. The FitSpirit activities can thus be adapted to their own issues and realities. Improving both the training provided to program leaders and the services provided by our FitSpirit coordinators will simplify the implementation of this new approach. 
Schools and organizations will have access to the following upon confirmation of their agreement:

  • The service of a coordinator to facilitate:
    • implementation of various activities targeted to teenage girls,
    • recruitment and support of Leaders in Training,
    • recruitment of participants,
    • search for solutions to specific problems and issues.
  • A network which continues to grow year after year, through the FitSpirit brand and the developing network of our different stakeholders.
  • A training to enrich skills of the Leaders in training and the key actors who help the teenage girls discover the advantage and the enjoyment that come from taking part in physical activity. 
  • Diverse tools adapted to girls’ needs to support the people involved in the program (virtual training platform, promotional poster, nutrition tips, video capsules, contests, etc.)
  • Motivational presentations.
  • A variety of physical activity sessions supported and supervised by FitSpirit ambassadors.
  • A turnkey training program.
  • The Celebration events that allow girls to excel and continue their discovery of physical activity in a fun environment.

Ultimately, FitSpirit wishes to become a partner of choice within communities with regard to implementing physical activities for teenage girls.

An improved approach