Everyone remembers last year’s ad campaign entitled “The Break-Up,” which generated a lot of media buzz in spring 2017. The idea behind the campaign was to rekindle girls’ love of sports through a teen romance, with sport asking for a second chance—just like the pains of a first heartbreak.

In July, we got to work on a new version of the campaign with our partner Touché! We also collaborated with Bell Media, which enabled us to expand our relationship with actor Valérie Chevalier, who hosted the 2018 FitSpirit Celebrations in Montreal and Quebec City.

Valérie, who has strong ties to the Bell Media network, generously agreed to film Instagram Story segments for a 30-second video. Since July, this clip has been shown on the Radio-Canada television channel and on Vrak.tv. The idea is to surprise girls with a new message conveyed by a female role model they can relate to and remind the public of the importance of physical activity for teenage girls.

In addition to the video with Valérie Chevalier, we will be posting “The Break-Up” billboards throughout the Greater Montreal area until mid-October.

At FitSpirit, we believe that building a stronger future starts with encouraging girls to stay active and cultivate their love of sports.

To watch “The Break-Up”, click here.

Big thanks to:

Valérie Chevalier
Broadcasters: Bell Media and Radio-Canada

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