To support the FitSpirit approach, we have upgraded our training tools and produced seven engaging videos that convey our values and our energy directly to the target audiences.

  • An informative video featuring Geneviève Leduc, Ph.D., explaining the power of FitSpirit’s values and language. Geneviève is the FitSpirit Programs and Evaluation Advisor. 
  • Three videos about motivational speaking and personal branding to inspire, embolden and energize FitSpirit ambassadors, featuring Maryse Larose, professional coach and founder of Avenue coaching et consult-action.
  • Three dynamic, get-up-and-move videos about running for FitSpirit participants, featuring Geneviève Leduc, developed in collaboration with Natacha Gagné, kinesiologist and proud FitSpirit ambassador.

At the time of writing, the videos, available in English and French, were already picking up views. We talked to the three speakers about the content of their videos and what it was like to make them. They also took us backstage at the Promedia broadcasting school where the videos were shot under the watchful and reassuring eye of director Sacha Aubé.

Geneviève Leduc was part of the project from the get-go, along with Steeve Ager, FitSpirit’s Director of Operations and Programs. She told us the concept took shape during the annual Training Day tour of major cities in Quebec and Ontario in January. The sessions were attended by a hundred FitSpirit school program leaders and some 60 FitSpirit student leaders.

The idea was to get the FitSpirit approach across in a more personal way to FitSpirit facilitators who couldn’t make it to a Training Day and to expand our online training tools.

It was an interesting challenge, according to Geneviève Leduc and Maryse Larose. They told us about the making of their videos and what the process required.

FitSpirit Activity Environment
Geneviève Leduc began by telling us about the purpose of her FitSpirit Activity Environment video:  “My job was to explain the stepping stones from what we know about girls and how to elicit positive lifestyle change, for the benefit of our community in the field. We want to offer participants a positive environment for physical activity: non-competitive activities by and for girls; caring and mutual support; no judgement; and a well-considered approach to dealing with body image in the context of physical activity for teenage girls. We have to make sure the ambassadors and program leaders in the schools understand the specific values and language that undergird FitSpirit’s approach.”

In the FitSpirit philosophy, the point of physical activity is to have fun. It isn’t about weight loss or physical appearance. “Our premise and the goal against which we measure our success is that girls should enjoy practicing a physical activity they love, that they should have a positive experience with sports and want to continue being physically active in the long term,” says Geneviève.

The taping experience
“Shrinking 90 minutes of training content down to seven minutes means you have to be super-concise and really boil things down to the essential,” says Geneviève. “It meant I had to own FitSpirit’s message and values, and choose just the right words to describe its approach, which was a process I enjoyed. The taping process also gave me a peek into a world I didn’t know anything about. It was a lot of fun, a bit stressful but stimulating. Reading from a teleprompter without making it obvious is an acquired skill and now it’s another arrow in my quiver!”

Confidence and inspiration
Maryse Larose, business coach and consultant, told us how she got involved in the project. “Last year, I decided to find a cause that spoke to me. I wanted to work with people who have values similar to my own. So I offered to volunteer with FitSpirit and after a while they started giving me special assignments such as making coaching videos on motivational speaking and personal branding. The Inspiring Conference video tells the ambassadors how they can become an inspiration for the girls, spur them to get moving, and encourage them to register for FitSpirit activities. The video about personal branding is for all the facilitators: it’s about how to define yourself to bring out your full potential, how to present yourself to achieve the desired impact. In short, it’s your style when you’re at your best!”

Like Geneviève, Maryse found the process of condensing the content a fine challenge. “Originally, I thought the videos were going to be 20 minutes long, but then I had to cut them down to 5 minutes each. It wasn’t easy!” Maryse is used to public speaking but she admits she had some trouble with the first video. “I was reading the text, trying to enunciate clearly, but I was stumbling over the words. The Promedia people were very patient and there was a positive feeling in the studio. In the end, I was very happy with my vibe and I felt I was in a good space. It was a great experience and it made me think I should make videos for my own business.”

Videos that make you want to get up and start running
Natacha Gagné, physical education teacher, kinesiologist, founder of the GRAND club de course and proud FitSpirit ambassador, was responsible for developing the content of the running training videos, although it’s Geneviève Leduc who is featured in the English versions. It’s enough to watch the videos to feel the depth of her expertise and appreciate the support she extends to girls who want to get into running.

In her three videos, Tips for a successful first race, Add some fun to your running and Inspire by leading, Natacha and Geneviève give teen girls valuable advice and the motivation to succeed. Natacha told us there’s a secret to her determination: in primary school, she hated gym classes! So she’s come, or rather run, a long way since then. It’s enough to make anyone feel like going back to running, or trying it for the first time.

The new videos from Geneviève, Maryse and Natacha all provide an informative and engaging training experience in a nutshell.

FitSpirit Activity Environment video:
The Inspiring Conference and Personal Branding videos:
Running videos*:

Thank you to:
Sacha and the Promedia team:
Geneviève Leduc for her passion:
Maryse Larose for her contagious self-confidence:
Natacha Gagné for her strength of conviction:

*The content of the running videos has been developed by Natacha Gagné. Geneviève Leduc appears in the English version.

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