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Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Radio-Canada documentary Sans chrono, sans classement, juste pour ELLES 1 , which received rave reviews when it was released last June.

Sans chrono, sans classement, juste pour ELLES
Former Olympian in synchronized swimming Jacinthe Taillon has been a sports reporter with Radio-Canada since 2001. 

Jacinthe has been following FitSpirit’s progress right from the organization’s start and she was particularly charmed by Claudine Labelle and her energy, passion and determination.

“When the public broadcaster created Podium, an online platform that features in-depth reports and mini-documentaries, I immediately contacted Claudine Labelle so that we could give a voice to the girls participating in FitSpirit and let them talk about how the organization changed their lives,” says Jacinthe.

That’s how Sans chrono, sans classement, juste pour ELLES came about. After that, the crew got to work. The documentary features two candidates: one who had been with FitSpirit for a long time and another who was new to the organization. There was also the FitSpirit school program leader Geneviève Rousseau, who teaches history and geography at Dalpé-Viau school in Montreal.

The school’s personnel proved very generous and open, allowing our technical team to film inside the building on several occasions. It took several months to make the mini-documentary, and during that time Jacinthe Taillon was able to really see how FitSpirit benefits the girls who participate in the program. “To make the project a success, I first needed to earn the trust of the girls featured in the film. I also needed to make sure that my team and I kept a low profile, even as we witnessed the girls’ emotions and some poignant experiences,” explains Jacinthe.

The culminating moment was without a doubt the FitSpirit Celebration held at Parc Maisonneuve on May 15. The girls were running 5K or 10K events, a huge accomplishment for many after weeks of training. Neither cloudy skies nor rain could dampen the smiles and hugs that marked this festive day. The parents gathered at the site expressed their pride and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, the official FitSpirit spokesperson, gave an inspirational speech. 

“As soon as the report was first broadcast in June 2018, reactions were extremely positive. The words we heard most often to describe the girls’ journeys were ‘touching’ and ‘inspiring’,” says Jacinthe.

As for her personal experience with the project, the journalist describes it as “impactful.” She considers herself fortunate to have followed FitSpirit’s evolution over the years and witnessed how the organization’s credibility and solidity have improved as it extends its reach and gains a footing in new areas. The experience also confirmed Jacinthe’s beliefs about FitSpirit. More than ever, she believes that FitSpirit is a positive influence on thousands of girls, impacting them in countless different ways and for reasons that are as unique as the girls themselves. For the best and for the rest of their lives!

Thanks to Mélanie Dugré for preparing this article.

1French only.

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