For a few weeks now the entire FitSpirit team has been hard at work preparing the 2018 FitSpirit Celebrations when thousands of participants gather to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience and discover new physical activity options in a fun environment.

This year, 250 high schools in Quebec and Ontario, close to 140 ambassadors, and hundreds of FitSpirit program leaders have chosen to get involved, embrace the FitSpirit approach and encourage girls to be more physically active in their daily life during the run-up to the FitSpirit Celebrations later this spring.

FitSpirit Celebrations play a crucial role boosting the motivation of young girls for FitSpirit activities at their schools. On that note, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Scotiabank, who will present the FitSpirit Celebrations for the next 5 years. This major partnership is a significant step toward achieving our objective of reaching 80,000 girls all across Canada by 2021.

2018 FitSpirit Celebration dates:

May 8
Downsview Park

May 10
Stadium, Complexe Sportif Mont-Bleu

May 15
Parc Maisonneuve

Quebec City
May 17
Base de plein air de Ste-Foy

May 29
Parc Beauséjour

June 3
Laurentian University – Sudbury Campus

June 3
Magasin Général Dumulon – 1924

The entire FitSpirit team is looking foraward to seeing you there!

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