Did you know that one out of two girls give up sports when they hit puberty*? And these figures take a nosedive among 12- to 17-year-olds: 9 out of 10 girls fail to meet Canadian exercise guidelines by the time they graduate high school**.

Let’s reverse the trend!

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Growing numbers of FitSpirit partner schools!

FitSpirit’s efforts to encourage teenage girls to be active for the rest of their lives are bearing fruit, with a steady increase in the number of…

Why are FitSpirit’s activities for girls only?

Many girls lose interest in sports and physical activity after puberty.

Introducing FitSpirit’s mentor for 2019: Tessa Virtue

In October 2018, FitSpirit thanked Isabelle Charest for her tremendous work in 2018 as FitSpirit’s very first annual mentor.