FitSpirit’s flagship activity, the FitClub trains thousands of teenage girls every year to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.



Divided into three phases (motivation – training – surpassing their limits), the adventure focuses on the value of physical activity and the fun of taking part in it with other girls:


The FitClub starts with a visit from an athlete-speaker who, through telling her inspiring story, motivates the girls to take part in the challenge.


The athlete-speaker’s presentation is followed by 8 weeks of girls-only training for the Run. During this period, FitSpirit ambassadors visit the participants and guide them as they learn more about active lifestyles, healthy eating and development of their self-esteem. The young women also discover new activities through yoga and Zumba workshops given by professionals.


A major 5K or 10K Run closes out the FitClub. The surprises and program activities allowed the girls to experience moments that are rich in memories.

See the FitClub Toronto running event  video to feel the energy of this memorable day.