SCHOOL TOUR – Presentations by athlete-speakers

How would you like to be inspired by girls who’ve already taken excellence to the limit in all sorts of different ways? The FitSpirit School Tour lets you meet some truly outstanding women and athletes. The presentations will inspire you to reach your own full potential…and discover the pleasure of healthy habits ! You’ll also get to learn more about FitSpirit. So what are you waiting for?

Our athlete-speakers are here to…

  1. Inspire girls by sharing their experiences in the world of sports while promoting the three FitSpirit values: the discovery of the pleasure that comes form being active, healthy eating and the importance of good self-esteem.
  2. Motivate girls to take part in physical activities and develop healthy food habits. The tour includes a talk and a question period, and sharing information about the challenges girls face when it comes to food and eating.
  3. Inform girls about the advantages and benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle and having the tools to break down the barriers – fear of failure, intimidation by boys or stereotypes about girls and physical activities – that may prevent them from taking part in a sports activity.

Presentations are intended for girls only and are presented absolutely free of charge in Ontario and Quebec schools. Each conference is one hour long. A minimum audience of 100 girls is needed per presentation.