Encourage the teenage girls at your school to get moving and develop a healthy lifestyle by joining FitClub!

FitSpirit helps teenage girls discover the advantages and the enjoyment of taking part in physical activity in an environment that is positive, promotes a healthy self-image and is open to everyone.

What is FitClub?


The FitClub kicks off with an inspiring presentation where one of our ambassadors shares her personal experience of living an active lifestyle and eating right.

The girls then train for 8 to 10 weeks—just among girls—with the support of their program leaders. Fun and informative workshops, such as healthy eating and introduction to dance, are also offered to change up the regular training routine.

Role of the program leader

The FitClub program leaders play an essential role in helping the girls live their FitClub experience. They motivate them and contribute to helping them adopt an active lifestyle. They will also be right there alongside the girls at the big run to celebrate the accomplishment of thousands of participants!

The big run!

FitClub concludes with a running event that brings together all participants for one special day. Last May, more than 12,500 teenage girls ran their first 5 or 10 K, which created some incredible moments.